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Rebecca Carpenter - Photographer, Mixed Media Artist, Adventurer

I consider myself a visual storyteller. I create in different mediums, but when I’m creating an image, I am always envisioning potential stories. “Contrasting Cohesion” sums up my current mixed media artistic process. The pieces on this website fall within five personal series, with each sharing very different stories:  (1) Metamorphosis – a celebration of transitions within women’s lives; (2) Whispers - exploring the stories within the decay of abandoned spaces; (3) Photographing and sculpting the figure in various environments; (4) Exploring visual wonders within the natural world; (5) Incorporating vintage and contemporary elements together. Each series intersects, interacts, inspires, and transitions with another. My visual interests are as varied as the materials I love to manipulate. Much of my mixed media art draws from my photography. My photographs are often transferred onto metal, canvas, papers, and fabric and collaged in a variety of methods. Three-dimensional methods include metal sculpture, found object, and multi-dimensional collaged boards.


In addition to original collages and sculptures, there are limited edition photographs in the online store. I have also created digital textures, which can be purchased and downloaded from the site.

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