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Vintage Paper Texture Overlays and Your Photos

I am going to show you a few ways you can use a texture overlay and your photo to create different effects. Once you start playing in Photoshop, you can create hundreds of different effects with just a few items.

First, I scanned and edited this page from a vintage book. In Photoshop, I cloned out the writing from the other side of the paper. I copied the left side edge, flipped it and blended it together to give a smooth edge.

I used PS levels, curves, and brightness to add a bit to the image, as well as dodge and burn on the edges. I then picked a photograph I wanted to edit and try to combine the two images.

I edited this image in Photoshop using PS tools and some of my favorite Jessica Drossin actions. After I edited the whole image, I duplicated layers of the photo as well as layers of the vintage page.

Next blog - taking one image and one texture and showing the myriad ways to creating with them.

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