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Abandoned America Road Trip Part Two

August 2018 Part Two

            After spending a long day driving day one, we stayed in Columbus OH. Our second day required us only to drive a fairly short distance to our next stop of Mansfield OH. We picked a route along a smaller highway and found multiple cool things to photograph in the many small communities we drove through…. and as I said in part one, people saw us photographing and would come out and ask us questions. We met lots of people and heard a lot of local history about the places we were shooting.

From the serendipitous stop with all the cool old vehicles, home to (above) to old buildings along the route (below)

to Mansfield, OH

In Mansfield, OH, we discovered the carousel, murals and ghost signs, cool old vehicles, a nice walking downtown for shooting old stuff!…. and several good restaurants to eat. We had a great lunch at the Coney Island diner.

Day two was another visually wonderful and exhausting day. Checked in to our hotel, had dinner, relaxed, and got ready for the Ohio State Reformatory…. Next installment will be all about that day. Day three was I think the best photography day of the trip for me.

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