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As an art teacher for sixteen years and now a full time artist/photographer, I welcome you to my site. I moved all over the country with my husband and daughter while he was in the Army. Now, we've settled in Frederick, Maryland and I'm enjoying the creative energy of so many artists in one area!

As an educator, I helped children and teens develop their creative skills and become stronger visual artists. As a photographer, I work with my clients to create unique photo sessions that incorporate their personalities. I really enjoy working with children and teens to envision a creative way to tell “their stories” in photographs. I specialize in shooting portraits in all kinds of outdoor environments as well as well as creating personalized studio lighting scenes.

I also love to paint and create landscapes in mixed media collage. I've been working on a series of abstract landscapes based on the seasons which will also be showcased on the website.

When I’m not using my camera, paints, or pencils, I am probably outside doing something fun. My husband and I love to ski, scuba dive, bike, hike, and kayak.

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